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    Uploading and Permission problem

    Hi! WHT!!!

    I am experiencig some difficulties about uploading and permission

    I am using a Unix with H-sphere

    Just after uploading a gif file, I can see the image.
    But after a 10minutes I can not see a file.
    I found the reason.
    As soon as I upload the file, the permission is 600(httpd/wheel[user/group]), after 10min it is changed to 600(myuserid/myuserid[user/group]). So I can not see my file.
    I think the permission of the file I upload should be more than 644.
    Am I correct?

    Now I am coding e-store.
    After I upload a product image, I have to access via ftp and execute chmod command.

    Is the Normal?

    The permssion of upload folder is 777.

    Am I wrong? You always use ftp after uploading images with php upload?

    I need help..............

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    Hi Chocbar,

    File permission is one of the problem. you should also take care while ftping the file .the mode should be binary or if the mode is ascii it may lead to problems.

    File permission should be 655.
    Set umask for better results.

    Hope this resolve your problem.


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