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    1U Intel Server -- $250

    • Intel Celeron 800MHz
    • Intel 1100 Server Board
    • Dual Intel 10/100 NICs
    • *Silicon Image ATA/133 PCI Card
    • 1U Case w/ 7 Fans & Power Supply
    • *CPU Fan designed for 1U usage
    • 4 SDRAM slots (angled for full height RAM; supports PC133)
    • *256megs PC133 SDRAM
    • *40GB Seagate ATA/100 Hard Drive

    Everything is in good working order; most of this server was used for webhosting. Selling due to upgrades. (*Denotes New Part)

    Price is $250 + Shipping OR $300 + Shipping w/ 512mb SDRAM. Can ship to you or directly to a datacenter of your choice. Shipping is usually about $40 for something of this size/weight.

    Will happily install any RedHat OS for you before shipping, can also install Ensim if desired.

    Payment can be accepted via Credit Card, PayPal, Online Check, or Money Order.

    Feel free to e-mail me through the forums with any questions!

    [Edited to add shipping estimates]
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    Do you have any pictures of the machine?

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    What is the postal code it will be shipped from?, a Digitally Justified Company
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    I don't have any pictures currently; I'll snap some late this evening for those that are interested. There's nothing fancy to see, really - just the hardware listed above in a plain 1U case.

    The server would be shipped from Madison, WI.

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    Thank you to everyone who indicated interest. This server has now been sold.

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