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    Anyone have any experience with

    Received this email in my inbox, and I was actually considering responding to them to ask a few more questions before I post this "award" on my site. I did a little checking around and found that they heavily endorse CI(youknowwho) and, the two companies that I can't stand the most... the first one is self explanatory, the second one is based on personal experience with several customers.

    I'm not going to even bother wasting my time now that I have found who they just loooooooooove. :/ Thought I'd ask for other's opinions and experiences with

    Please only share if you have any experience with them!

    Hello, we are excited to announce the new “Gold Star Host” program at This program is intended to designate which Hosting Companies we feel emonstrate the qualities that it takes to one a world class internet company. We are willing to put our name on the line to this select group of hosting companies and recommend them to our users because we think they will provide quality services that will meet our user’s needs.

    We have visited your site at and would like to offer you the Gold Star Host award. Your company has met our select criteria and demonstrated excellent customer satisfaction.

    To participate in this program reply to this message and let us know the url you have placed the award logo on.

    We will then place your award into our “Award Winning Sites” Section at!

    Thank You!

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    Most of the sites are after making referral income after all ...I wouldn't be surprised if I see banners of those on that site or something similar. I might be wrong though...just stating my opinion.
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    Sounds like a site desperate to get links.
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