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    GameStop (big video game chain) has a magazine called site, XboxInformer is very has almost 600 unique hits since about the beginning of the year...I haven't really done much in the way of advertising yet...Anyone got a value?


    EDIT: Please someone, I wan't to go to bed (yawn)
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    Also, if anyone has a reasonable offer to put a button/text link/banner in a box on the side, please reply here or email me at "[email protected]". Please give monthly offers only. I'll see if I like the amount or not


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    $30 value

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    Not bad, but I would expect more from a name like that...anyone else?

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    Also, I might add that it's got some staff and members and a new Invision Power Board forum...Like I said, it has not been advertised at all (except for some forum postings)....

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    Also please explain your appraisal

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    I think it might be a little too long. Also explain whether you want only the domain apraised or the whole website

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    It's two easy-to remember words that are not meaningless like some names. I would like the whole site appraised actually, that would be great!

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    OK, thanks, anyone else?

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    It's been two weeks...anyone else?

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