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    whats up with ev1servers forums? and servers

    I have been trying to register to ev1 forums and the stupid image coding NEVER WORKS whenever I try it. It is soo dang hard! I was just wondering when they will be getting back more of the 1000gigs a month windows machines, I have been waiting since last year to get one.

    Does anyone know when they will? Or can anyone help me get a server like that?
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    Forums have been hard hit on and off ever since their announcment about paying off SCO. Give it a few days (or probably even a few hours) and it'll calm down to usuable state.
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    I think it was a really bad move on the part of I'm really concidering on just colocating boxes now. But I shall wait and see what the courts say. If they say in fact SCO has no grounds then bye bye to ev1. If they infact prove something (Highly Unlikely) then I would stay.

    Looks to me like I should be getting a few rackmounts ready though.

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    The whole sco crap sounds to me like SCO was having money problems and decided to sue everyone and their brother to make profits instead of making better products. I dont see how the heck SCO can lay intellectual claims to UNIX or LINUX.

    I think this SCO crap is another example of big business pushing around the little guys.

    Anyone ever hear of that lawsuite against the RIAA for extorsion and racketeering? I wonder if something similar will be in store for companies that try to push other "smaller" companies around like this.

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