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    Leaving a good host - how to?

    I'm currently hosted by a real nice guy who runs a great service but I'm ready to move on. I've been researching HostGator for awhile and want to move all my domains to them on a reseller account.

    I can get a better package with more transfer and space for cheaper.

    Now to the question, how do you leave a host that has never done anything wrong to join another host? I feel bad, the guy has been great to me and my company but I just need more...

    Help please...


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    Just be honest with the guy! It can't hurt and will only help him and give him a boost of confidence

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    At least you care This happens from time to time. It is just a matter of your need for better resources or maybe you should phrase it different resources.

    Make sure you back up everything B4 you do anything, though.

    Good Luck

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    I had this in the past, and actually today. The client was moving to a local server and he emailed me asking me if I wanted a testimonial, feedback or anything relivent. This really put a smile on my face. I think offering the host something like testomonial, feedback, ratings or anything relivent would be just fine.


    Everyone moves hosts at some point the hosting company shouldn't get upset unless there really small and that money makes there bills each month.
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    Should be nice though and ask if your current host if he will match the price. It sounds like he works hard and shouldn't suffer for it.

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    Why won't you stay if everything's great? That's one of the greatest mystery. What if you move and it's not to your expectations (with all due respect to the host you want to move to).

    Sometimes, saving that extra few dollars is not worth it.
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    Nice response sprintserve, and I agree totally.
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    Since your existing host is so good, you might want to drop them an email asking do they offer the similiar package HostGator offers?
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    I moved from a host i liked, but was too expensive, to hostgator as well. One of the things that makes them great, is that their packages offer a lot for a little.

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    The problem, though, is that sometimes, you really find out just how good your original host was (has happened to a few of my clients) after you've been with the new host for a few months. I had a customer of a customer that actually came to me, simply because he couldn't get half the stuff he needed... and yes, this was a guy that went with HostGator...
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    I don't require much

    PHP, Pop mail and tons of bandwidth.

    I mean I'm not leaving cause of anything but increase of service for the price.

    The only problem I've ever had with my current host is it is only 1 guy working there and it is hard to get response sometimes. I dunno, I'm just pondering things in my head.

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