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    Question Is anyone using Deafening-Urge as a host?

    Just a quick question.

    Is anyone here using (x222943) as there hosting company? If so how are you liking them?

    If you have heard good / bad things about them let me know.

    I have done a search on wht forums but didn't find much on them.

    Any help would be awesome

    Thanks wht members ;-)


    PS> Does Deafening-Urge go by any other name?

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    Hmm, prices are a little lower than I personally care for (comfort zone), HOWEVER, the plans are very well matched against the prices, so it doesn't appear that they're overselling too badly, if at all...

    Their domain was registered in August 2002, and registered through August 2005. They're with EV1Servers San Francisco (a little bit odd, IMHO) and MIGHT be a reseller, though with the length of domain registration thus far, it's doubtful.

    I don't particularly care for the fact that they haven't listed their real phone number on the domain's whois (you can see all that information by clicking HERE), so by all means PLEASE contact them to verify... ALSO, they have their Admin, Billing and Tech contact emails the same as the domain name, which could lead into problems should the domain ever go down... (failure to renew, etc).

    I went in to test their live support chat, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Immediately greeted by real people, so it appears their support is definitely A++. You can reach their support chat via the Support link at the top or via in #defening-urge.

    Surprisingly, I will have to give them a solid 8 points out of 10, definitely someone I would look at in the future.

    Now how's THAT for a positive review from a WHT member? No, I don't work for them, no I'm not getting paid to review them, no I don't get any money from them... just a little bit of investigative info for you. I don't think you'd be too bad off with these guys. Test out their support times and if you end up with them, come back in about 3 months and do a review.

    Hope this helps!
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    All I can say is WOW.

    It is people like you that make sites like this live and thrive.

    I want to thank you very much for all the work you put into your reply. I really do appreciate it.

    Again thank you :-)


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    I can't speak a lot for their customer service (because I don't use it), however my site which is on their servers has been flawless so far. It's not under heavy use, just a side project, however i haven't noticed any issues with it.

    Remember, they were the company that hosted for awhile.

    (They might still host it?)

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    nickn, what package are you on with them?

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    Remember, they were the company that hosted for awhile.

    (They might still host it?) [/B]
    Great marketing ploy, wonder how many people saw his site due to that?
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    I talk to Brandon on AIM and IRC occassionally, and he's very friendly from what I've seen. Can't comment on the rest since I'm not a customer of theirs.

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