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    Where can I find these?


    I was wondering if someone could suggest where I can find the following:

    Dual Xenons (or Opteron)

    1000 GB's of BW

    I may need 2, but I am looking for specific locations. The first on the west coast (or close), the second hopefully in the NY/NJ area.

    As for price, I was hoping for less then $300 a month.

    Thanks, if anyone knows where I can get this, please post here.

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    Gnax has a sweet deal.

    - Dual Opteron 240 processors
    - 1GB ECC Registered RAM
    - RAID 1 or RAID 5 setup with SATA drives
    - FREE - includes Windows 2003 Web or cPanel
    - FREE - includes Urchin and Fantastico
    - FREE - includes 40GB of storage space on our backup server
    - 100Mbps port and APC reboot
    - 2000gb (1000in / 1000out)


    not sure if that interests you. But they are in atlanta.
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