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    Lightbulb Bandwidth/Private Lines

    Hello all...due to the number of price requests that I've received for UUNET bandwidth and/or private line transport from my friends in the group, I've decided to open an account and share my business email address so that I can stop getting hit with emails from WHTF. Please contact me if you are SERIOUS about signing up for service...if you're just shopping for quotes, I'm sure your buddies on this forum will help you with competitive info on which providers offer which services for which prices...if you want UUNET bandwidth directly from MCI or a private line to connect your equipment, give me a shout (and please reference WHTF)...just trying to help our little community

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    Haha yea, I was trying to figure out if that post was for real for a little while. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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