We have a limited number of Dual 2.4GHz Xeons for sale. Please note that these servers are fully managed with not just the datacenter management plans, but also our own. Our own management plans come free with each server and give you a much greater flexibility to what you need to know when operating a server.

Below are the prices and specs.

* Dual 2.4Ghz Xeons CPUs
* 80 Gigabytes Storage
* 1024 Megabytes RAM
* 1000 Gigabytes Transfer
* Free Management Plan
* 99.9% SLA Guarantee
* $199/month with $49 setup OR
* $219/month with $0 setup
* Located in Texas USA

We also have a selection of control panels that you can choose from which include cPanel, Helm (Windows only), and DirectAdmin. Prices are as follows.

cPanel: $20/month
Helm: $25/month
DirectAdmin: $20/month

The free management plan is as follows.

* Root/Admin Access
* Ping Monitoring
* Network Intrusion Detection Service
* O/S Updates and patches
* Onsite Technicians
* Email Notifications
* Service Monitoring, up to 3 (HTTP, POP, SSH, etc.)
* System Monitoring, up to 3 (Storage, CPU Usage, Load, etc.)
* Process Monitoring, up to 3 (chkservd, eth0, mysqld, etc.)
* 1 hour/month basic administrative service

These services can be upgrade starting at $60/month.

Note: No IRC is allowed.

Payments are by PayPal only. Please contact me using the following methods if you are interested in the offer.

MSN: [email protected]
AIM: SilveRMoDs
Email: [email protected]