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Thread: ddos attack?

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    ddos attack?

    My VDS hosting provider's server has been down all day and much of yesterday. They claim they are being DDoS attacked by "Over 100 commercial servers."

    But when I ping the server the response time average is exactly the same as I've gotten on days when everything was working fine. Is it normal for a server that's being ddos attacked on this scale to respond to ping requests so quickly?

    The strange thing is that my host has his own personal website and game servers on this machine, and they're down as well. So I know he probably wants the server to be up as much as I do. I can't see why he'd lie to me about what's really going on.

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    Is the whole server down, or just apache?
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    Sounds like just apache...
    If it's only 100 servers, you could go in manually and block most or maybe all of them...
    Blocking half would probably do a good job at getting apache back up.

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    Well I host a game server with them and that's down, my host also hosts his own game servers on the same machine and those are down as well.

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    Do you have access to your server's MRTG graph? If yes, you can see how's the traffic. If your server was DDOSed, you will see some sparks on the graph.
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    An easier way to tell via MRTG is the open connections graph.

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    it could be that the attck is targetting apache port 80 but if you say his game server is also down then its much be a traffic attack but if its traffic atack you should get a time out in the ping or a very high ping rate.
    it could be that he is just lieing but you will never be sure

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    I just found out that they were targeting apache as well as the ports that the game servers ran on, and apparently the game servers are fairly vulnerable to these kinds of attacks.

    So I've pretty much determined that my host was telling the truth, though I suspect that the "Over 100 commercial servers" remark may have been an exageration.

    I am dissapointed in the way my host solved the problem though, the attacker was an extortionist and my host gave in to his demands. I have a feeling this isn't the last time I'm going to find the server being attacked.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Let me guess...

    This kiddie asked for a free hosting account of some sort. He gets turned now and decides to load up his TINY botnet(thats what it is) and launch attacks.

    100 or so bots wouldn't even flinch most servers out there.

    I have literally watched over 90mbit of traffic come into one of my servers before and it still stayed up.

    Tell him to stop hosting off his DSL.
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    I don't think I should discuss the details, but essentially that's what was happening. The attacker was targeting a single server, and I believe colocated with and I can ping it for 6ms from my college's connection, so it's on something much more than a dsl line.

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    If that is so his provider should of simply filtered it out.

    It would take a max of 25 minutes(less if it didn't even affect his providers connection)

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    That's what I was thinking. I think I'll ask him about it.

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