I am trying to install Open Auto Classifieds.


Now when I try to login to the configurator.php nothing happens it just goes back again to type in the user name and password. I also tried the admin and password with no luck.

Here is what I am doing step by step.

1. Created a db.
2. Created a username and password for the db.
3. Add username and password to db.
4. Go to MY PHP admin and upload the congifurator.sql
5. Edit the common.php file with the appropiate lines.

//mysql database setup
user = "database_blackace";
password = "password";
$db = "database_autoclassifieds";
$server = "localhost";

This is how I have set it up. Now my web host creates the databases as sitename_databasename. Say for instance my was www.sitename.com it would look like this sitena_classifieds.

Now after configuring the common.php file and uploading it. I keep receiving the error.

"Parse error: parse error in /home/aircool/public_html/openautoclassifieds/common.php on line 5"

and it will not let me log in.

I just can't figure this out I have tried everything I can think of. Everything seems to be set up correctly. I have also tried deleting and recreating the database several times and replace the openautosclassifieds folder and everytime I keep recieving the same error message. So I am pretty sure that there is a mistake or something that I am missing.

I have also tried with and without the $sign in front of the user name and password.