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    Question FreeBSD or Redhat 9 at Servint

    I am just about to a dedicated server in servint (2.4ghz, 1gb ram, 120gb raid) and am unsure which operating system to get. My options are:

    - Redhat 9
    - FreeBSD

    I am not wanting cpanel. I have quite a good knowledge of linux but am wondering if its worth going with FreeBSD. The server will be running apache and php with a very write intensive mysql database.

    Answers on a postcard!

    EDIT: FreeBSD is release 4.9 (stable I think)
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    i will go with Redhat 9
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    FreeBSD all the way!

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    How about FreeRedHat

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    Redhat9, would never use anything other than that. Just my main preference.
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    RedHat because of it's total open source and also because it is easy to use.

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