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    GeoColo offers Cogent BW $25/meg!...100mbits $2500/mo w/GBIT bursting!!

    Got GIGABIT Bandwidth????

    That's right folks, we've got Cogent Gbits!! I have been authorized to make NEW deals on dedicated/unshared plans at 50, 100, and GigE+ mbits/sec! We are located next to #1 Wilshire, downtown Los Angeles. More information below;

    -NO long term contracts
    -Immediate set up
    -Colocation / Rack space available at our Los Angeles DC. Rackmounts OR Towers!!
    -Onetime setup fee of $500, cab $500
    -Our network is an ALL fiber GigE network, directly connected to Cogent with an 128 gig routing capacity.
    -free local tech to perform free reboots and other requests
    -Already located in Los Angeles and don't feel like coming to us? NO PROBLEM! WE WILL BRING FIBER OR COPPER DIRECTLY TO YOU!

    ---These incentives last for the entire length of stay with GeoColo!!!---
    -50mbit commits will get 100mbit bursting!!
    -100mbit commits will get Gbit bursting!!!
    -1 Gig commits will get 2 Gig bursting!!!!


    Pricing Tier--------Burstable?--------Price/Meg--------Price/Month
    50Mbit-------------Yes, 100Mbit------$35---------------$1,750
    100Mbit-----------Yes, 1 Gig----------$25---------------$2,500 <---ARE WE CRAZY??
    1 Gig---------------Yes, 2 Gig----------$35---------------$35,000

    100Mbits will be going quickly, please contact me for more information!

    [email protected]
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    i would like to talk to you, you have aim or msn?
    AIM: manofslo
    MSN: [email protected]
    ICQ: 287014494
    EMAIL: [email protected]

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    Hello, and thank you for your interest. You can contact me on AIM by the nickname 'mrlexo' at your convenience. If I am away, I will be at the datacenter with some clients.

    Let me just say that you can't beat this price, even through Cogent direct!


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    no offense but why would someone get a gig when they can get 10 100's for less

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    Well because we are trying to push the 100Mbit deals right now. Buying a Cogent Gbit from us would be much easier than going through Cogent direct, mostly due to less paperwork with us and the fact that we are already directly connected to them would make your setup much quicker. We aren't really interested in selling BW by the Gbit, but we will at that price. It's mainly there to shift focus on the 100Mbit package. But if someone wanted a Gbit then yes, buying 10 100Mbits would be much wiser wouldn't it?

    <<Phone number removed by request>>
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    not really wiser, since you would need to trunk 10 faste handoffs.

    * Rusko Enterprises LLC - Upgrade to 100% uptime today!
    * Premium NYC collocation and custom dedicated servers
    call 1-877-MY-RUSKO or paul [at]

    dedicated servers, collocation, load balanced and high availability clusters

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    no the 100mbit is 100mbit over gig

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    Hate to say it but Cogent pumping out 100m... vs
    Verio... Cogent gets stuck in mad up to the neck.

    I know because I moved from Verio to Cogent and
    my shoutcast is rendered useless. The cage I am
    in right now they have Verio, Cogent and NHI.

    NHI is poor and get hit allot, Cogent is just slow.
    Verio is the best but expensive but when you
    broadcast 15 channels from satellite and you've got
    music, movies and radio running 24/7 you can
    settle for less.

    Right now we/I am having issues with NHI because
    we are using their pipe (BGP) and cogent. It can
    also be the cage I am in and the routing, NAT
    and reverse DNS.

    I am actually looking for a 1U space rack. My
    server hardly gets any traffic or bandwidth usage.
    D&D A&F

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    Well it probably was oversold before it finally got to you...This is typical for Cogent because people buy bandwidth at the best deal they can (which Cogent offers), and then over-subscribe it to make as much profit as possible (at the customers loss),which makes it appear that Cogents network is ****** when in fact it is these dipshits that are causing the bottlenecks. Due to the fact that we're directly connected to Cogent, and have not oversubscribed the bandwidth, this will not happen with us.

    ** Now offering full 10Mbits @ $25/meg, $250/month. No transfer limit, do what you want with it capped @ 10Mbit **

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    I hear you.. everyone in LA @ 1200 7Th Street is aware of
    this issue but many somehow use it and it's like a pyramid.
    Someone buys some than shares it again with the next cage
    over. It's like going from Verio to another, from another goes
    to NHI from NHI comes to us and we're talking two to three
    hops within walking distance. I'm actually checking out a
    local place here in OC called Not sure how good
    they are but let me tell you it sure beats what I am getting
    right now even though I am not paying.

    We've got one egoistic lamer that by thinking he's working
    for CISCO he thinks he's the baddest therefore we have
    no control over the cage. On top of that he can even
    resolve minor and simple issues. I asked him for over
    one week to allow UDP on port 53 for my DNS to resolve.
    He said he did but than again, after checking he didn't.

    That caused some major down time, hmm few days... but
    than again Free COLO. Than now he's got so much crap
    going that I can't lynx, ping, tracert, or dig outside
    the internal NAT but the basic web/Apache and such working
    fine but I do get some bounced emails because of time-outs
    and such. I can't use my Update Services by RHE, fetch
    outside emails or using ecommerce possibilities.

    Honestly I am so fed up I am almost tempted to just
    pull it out of there fork out 80-90$, ask my friends
    that I am hosting for free to fork out 5-6$/month and
    move on...
    D&D A&F

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    I know the fellas over at Calpop. A great bunch of guys, but I think you might find yourself running into the same problem over there. I won't say much more, but if you have problems, at least we are right across the screet from them in case you want to try us out!

    Good luck!


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    Los Angeles
    Typo, I'll take that back. is downtown LA vs Orange
    County and I think they just have some racks there. Not sure
    what but their 24 Hour Sales call ended up being answered by
    some kid that couldn't take down a phone number or email.

    I guess they are with: WebVision/ATMLINK Inc.
    D&D A&F

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    Calpop bought Webvisions IPs.. Calpop does indeed have their own space in Carrier Centre (complete with a nice CALPOP written in tile on the floor).

    They are not the most professional group, but they do seem to be trying to improve.

    They really don't read/reply to email messages from what I've found.. so you're left with the phone, and whenever I try to reach anyone, no one is available.
    Hugh Buchanan
    harveyopolis corporation /

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