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    Cpanel, Fantastico at

    I have a server being activated tonight at

    I ordered the Cpanel license also.

    Do any customers know if this comes with fantastico, or do I need to get that elsewhere? If so, where do I get it and how much can I expect it to cost.

    I would appreciate any heads up anyone can give me. I know about's reputation, but we decided to go with them because of price. I have seen many people say that is ok, but you need to know what you are doing. I have an experienced admin that is going to run the box, but I am trying to be as prepared as possible with cpanel, so we can get it up and ready for clients asap.


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    Fantastico! doesn't come with it, unless you go with a reseller.
    AngelNetworkz resells servers w/ cpanel. $125/mo for a p4 i think

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    Why not go straight to the source for Fantastico? . It's still a reasonable price if you ask me


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    Yeah go through a reseller like which you get a huge discount on fantastico. - Number #1 Soprano Community - Cheap & Reliable Hosting Solutions
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    Re: Cpanel, Fantastico at

    Originally posted by meanpc
    I have a server being activated tonight at
    You're lucky man! I was going to order a P4 server this afternoon, and you know what, they all sold out! Anyone out got any insight when it'll be available again???

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    if you are looking for a none managed server then go for tom he will have some around
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    It was funny how it happened. I was buying a reseller account from an ebay seller. Everything was fine for a couple of months. Then low and behold, 8 hours of downtime with no contact from the host. The next day the server went down for 36 hours with only one email about investigating a ddos attack.

    Unfortunately for the seller, he forwarded the list of email addresses for everyone on that server. I took the list of emails he sent me, and sent an email out, asking if anyone wanted to ditch the bum and get our own server.

    We formed a server co-op, and hired my Australian friend to manage it.

    2.6 GHz HT
    1 Gig ram
    120 Gig 7200 IDE HD

    125.00 at I've read the word on them here, but our admin is very experienced, so I'm hoping we don't have a problem. I can't wait til we get the server up and can move away from this ebay bum. Unlimited storage and bandwidth. Indeed. 40 resellers on one server and claims unlimited.

    Long story short, we are now 7 resellers on one server with a competent admin and are only paying 28.00 a month now. Not too bad.

    Thanks for the Fantastico link...exactly what I needed.

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