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  1. #1 - any reviews?

    I just recently found this site here:

    Does anyone use this software? I just quickly ran through the demos and they look pretty decent. Seems fairly complete and has a lot of nice features.

    Certainly is comparable to WHM AP... although obviously not as "feature packed" as MB.

    One thing I really like is that it has the sales/affiliate stuff built in, etc.. and I love how easy everything is layed out in the client area. (Unlike WHM AP)

    I think clients would find LPanel very easy and intuitive to use.

    Any thoughts/reviews on this software?

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    Seems like a nice piece of software..

    The demo is very clean and easy to understand..

    I would also be interested to knwo if anyone has tried this in a production environment..

    I like the fact it can connect to my payment process as well..

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