We have multiple web servers that are being load balanced with a pair of F5 BIG-IP load balancer/content switches.

We would like to add a control panel for our users so they can do some administration on their accounts. We like some of the software products on the market such as cpanel, ensim, interworkx, directadmin, etc, but none of them seem to support redundant web servers. The exception is h-sphere but we find the interface too complex for our end users who are not all that computer literate. A couple of our users tried out the demo and all of them came back unimpressed.

We are looking for a control panel that supports the ability to have multiple servers share the same configuration database or alternatively, a way to propogate changes between servers.

A control panel makes total sense for us but not if it means we are going to lose redundancy on all of our servers. The more popular control panels seem to be geared towards single server installations and this is something we can't really live with. :) Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on where we should be looking?