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    setting up dns over multiple servers

    What is in your opinion the easiest way to support multiple servers.

    right now i have one box running ensim pro running its own dns

    what would be my easiest option for getting a second box
    get another domain?

    the obvious easiest woudl be to get a running its own dns, but i do not wnat to do this.

    is there any way to make the second box just have and add these to zone list on box a?

    or do i need a script to synchronize the two zones on box a and box b.

    my main issue, is that i'm going to have two boxes for a while however i might need to shut of the original boxes eventually.

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    I hear that. I've wondered the same thing. How do people who have servers in different countries hook them together? I've always assumed they simply registered ns3 and ns4, but someone told me that wouldn't work.

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    ns1 should be your primary dns server, while ns2-4 will be your "slave" dns servers. Generally not a good idea to be running both on the same server. If you want any more information, I'll see what I can dig up.


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