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    Hola WHT Members, I would like to post a review about, as I have some of my stuff hosted with them. I have been hosting with them since Jan 29th, 2004.

    The prices are affordable and really worth it.

    Registration Process
    The registration process went great, it was easy and very fast. I had no problems at all.

    Account Setup
    The account setup took about 3 - 4 hours, of what I know they now have instant activation method, which I'm sure it will be great for future customers.

    Uptime / Speed
    Great uptime and speed! Their Dual Xeon servers are really fast, I wonder what connection they use, it's really fast. About uptime, I only had 3 outages, which were for about 5 - 20 minutes, caused due to hacker attacks.
    They were solved in 30 minutes max!

    Customer Support
    The most important of all! Their support is really good, their staff is experienced and does a good job fixing and helping during issues. Most of the time they are online, although when they are not you can get helpdesk tickets solved pretty fast 30 to 60 minutes.

    Great services, I really like them. It's a really
    good host company and I would recommend it to anyone that wants decent hosting.
    Their support staff is really polite and friendly.

    That’s all for now. Give them a try if you need a host

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    Thanks for the kind comments . We provide the best service we can, and we will keep improving it.

    Thank You

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