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    Personal Website + Email


    I've got a personal website and domain that gets redirected to my DSL provider's page by Zoneedit. Zoneedit also redirects my email to my DSL provider's servers. That's fine for some light use, but my provider's 5-10MB space quota on websites gets old real quick (I like to post pictures I take for friends to look at [non-porn, BTW])

    So, I'm looking for a relatively low cost place to put <2GB of data (mostly web stuff) for personal use, plus a server to act as a mail server/ftp/ssh server for my my domain name. I'd like it if the server used Linux, but that really isn't a huge deal.

    Mostly my bandwidth use would be minimal, but if I occaisionally want to put something big (~600MB) up and let a couple of friends download it , it would be nice to have enough bandwidth for that.

    What would the folks on this forum recommend then?

    I saw this reseller thing ($12.95) from mesopia which looked like it might work for me, but I'm not sure if there isn't something better suited for what I am doing.

    I would want to pay month to month (at least to start off with since I've heard to many support horror stories) and I'd prefer free setup

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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    Try a search here of Mesopia. I've heard a couple things about them but best to read it (good/bad) for your self.

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    Thanks! It seems like these forums are pretty useful and interesting.

    A question though. Do I NEED the kind of stuff you get with a reseller account (i.e. my own nameserver) or can I just get by with a web hosting account?

    From the list of stuff, it seems like I don't need a reseller account, but I am not sure. Any help appreciated.

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    No, you don't need a Reseller account... but Reseller plans cost less for the same diskspace and BW, so that's why its a good idea to go for those.

    For sub-$10 range, go with or for 1 Gb diskspace.

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