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    Multiple currencies question...

    For those of you who offer payment to your clients in MULTIPLE currencies..

    1) How do you do it?

    2) What payment solution do you use?

    It seems that even modernbill is unable to offer multiple currencies. I asked them about this and they said they would give me a "discount" for the second license needed to handle the second currency.

    Basically, what I want is:

    1) Customer comes to my site and choose to see plans/prices in either CURRENCY_1 or CURRENCY_2.

    2) When they go through the order process, they are asked which currency they wish to pay with.

    3) If they pick CURRENCY_1 then they go through the order process and are billing forever after in that currency, at that price that they selected. Ditto for CURRENCY_2 selection. There would be no dynamic exchange rate conversion.

    4) There would be ONE customer management/payment system that would take care of the billing and cc processing. Customers who signed up under CURRENCY_1 would get billing in that currency and vice versa for the other half.

    Any ideas? Something so simple, yet it looks like nobody offers this. The best I can do so far is to:

    1) Get one merchant account that allows billing in two currencies.

    2) Get two licenses of ModernBill/WHM AP/clientexec/whatever.

    3) Have two completely seperate billing systems - one for each currency.

    My only alternative seems to be a custom solution?

    Thanks for any advice....

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    2Checkout allows the customer to choose what currency they want to pay in for single transactions. Their new release when it comes out will be even better read more at:

    My suggestion would be to design yourself your own form which asks the user what currency they want to pay in, then forwards them to the appropiate 2checkout link.

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    Originally posted by DaxDavid
    Sorry, I should mention that I do not wish to utilize 3rd party services.

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    * Bump *

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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