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    streaming videos: windows media or real media?

    Is one better, and which is more supported by most surfers?

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    In terms of support, I would think that Windows Media is more widely supported than Real Media. It seems to be more common around the web, and not to mention it's included in the Windows software package, or so I believe.

    As to which one is better, I can't really comment on that. Although personally I dislike Real Media.

    Overall it may be best to offer both formats.
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    actually you should consider using flash (flashcom server necessary sometimes). flash has a much better penetration compared to wmp and real. here's the breakdown:
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    quick time...(and i use to hate this program; now it doesn't take over my hd)
    don't use windows media for movies, its just bad; so do real one...havn't seen any movies in this format thought.

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    I would agree with Synthetic. I do not allow Real Player to be installed on my system.

    If you are looking for compatibility though, listen to MG315 - I have transferred a few songs over to flash so they can be heard & I did not have to deal with converting them to MOV or another extension for the quicktime.

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    i was using real player for some of my sites, but from provious month i convert all them to media player beacuse it more popular than real player.

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    I personally use flash, but i would take windows media player over real player anyday.

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    Windows media player

    I believe Windows media player is support by more surfers.

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    Quicktime. It works flawlessly for me (although I am on a mac =P)

    Windows Media causes me the most problems.

    RealPlayer is pretty problem free but because of their ad-ware, a lot of people refuse to install it.

    Best thing about quicktime is the server software is free if you use the Open source Apple Darwin OS (basically Mac OS X without the GUI). At the price, Darwin Streaming server can't be beat!

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    If you are looking to protect your streaming media, then give Windows Media some thought.

    If is free for everyone to watch, then either works OK. Just remember that most Windows users have Windows Media Player already installed. Whereas, the Real Player is not installed by default in all Windows computers.


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    ok I think I will offer my visitors Windows media as well as quicktime for two choices. We have lots of videos, am I creating more work than it's worth by using these two formats?

    Also our server currently does not offer streaming media, but for these videos we would have to pay for considerably more space anyways. Could someone recommend a server that can handle streaming media? we're looking for about 5 gigs of space, bandwidth upwards of 50+


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