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    LiteSpeed Web Server 1.3.1

    Some one who are looking for high performance web server might be interested.

    LiteSpeed Web Server is a full-featured, cross platform, high-performance, secure, and easy-to-use Web server. It supports HTTP/1.1, SSL, CGI, FastCGI, PHP, JSP, Servlets, GZIP compression, .htaccess, chroot, IP level throttling, connection accounting, DoS attack prevention, and instant recovery mechanisms. In addition to being a high performance web server, it can also be used as a content accelerator, compression proxy or security guard running in front of any Web server and application server.

    Major feature enhancements since release 1.2.2 are:

    1. a high performance reverse proxy implementation
    2. hotlink protection,
    3. improved connection accounting/throttling algorithm
    4. improved Fast CGI process manager
    5. graceful shutdown
    6. easy PHP opcode cache installation. (supports MMCache and APC)
    7. option to hide server version string in response header,
    8. options to customize the required and restricted permission mask for static files
    9. performance improvements under severe load

    Since 1.3, Litespeed web server can be configured as a Reverse Proxy running in front of any web server or application server that supports HTTP protocol, acting as a content accelerator, compression proxy, and providing an extra layer of protection against DoS attacks.

    Litespeed web server is an optimal platform for high volume PHP driven web site. It is the only web server which supports PHP scripting out of box with zero configuration required. A PHP opcode cache can be enabled during the installation. Not only is running PHP easy, but our benchmark shows that dynamic content with PHP and LiteSpeed combination is up to 50% faster than Apache with mod_php.

    On static content, LiteSpeed is significantly faster than Apache 1.3/2.0 and even exceed that of TUX. Our benchmark results are available at Litespeed will bring the most out of your existing web server hardware.

    Try LiteSpeed and experience the speed yourself. We are confident LiteSpeed will not disappoint.

    For more information please visit
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    we are interested in an apache replacement for our dual xeon machines. unfortunately, you seem to be in the same boat as zeus - it is cheaper to throw more iron at the problem (ie buy another machine) than it is to license your product.

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    I understood your concern.
    The case is, for lower end hardware, we have standard edition for free, which is much faster and more scalable than Apache in all respect as well.

    For higher end hardware, we have licensed professional and enterprise edition with different scalability. Yes, they cost some money. Will it cost more than buying new hardware? It depends on the benefit of the software and the cost of hardware and software.

    Depends on the content on your web server, with the same server hardware, LSWS should be able to increase the performance/scalability 50% - 100% or more over Apache. In your case, a dual Xeon server is likely to cost $1500-$2000, so there is better chance that you save some money with our licensed software. And administration cost is lower as well.

    For those who rent a dedicated server, they may not need to pay a lot more for more powerful hardware to handle the same amount of traffic with LSWS.

    The price of our professional license is $399, which is much smaller than Zeus' $1700 price tag. It runs on SMP box pretty well as the additional processing power will be picked up by php and/or backend DB.

    Right now we have promotion for people who are willing to help us prompt the web server product, and beta users get free production license as well, if interested, please let me know.


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