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    Overselling ratios

    For bandwidth, I know the respectable figure is around x5. For example, if there is 1TB on a server you should be able to sell 5TB worth with no problems.

    However for storage space, is it safe to oversell at all?

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    Oh man no I don't agree with that at all. We don't have any transfer allotments per server, we have a pipe and we pay by the mbit. Our busiest (activity wise and cpu wise) servers barely do 200 gigs per month, and have in the neighborhood of 600 gigs allocated to the customers. 3 to 1 oversell of allotted vs "real" bandwidth is usually fairly safe. I wouldn't sell 1TB of transfer on a server even if it were alloted 1000 gigs (I have a few EV1 servers with 700G and they might have 500-600 allocated on them).

    That 1000 gig allocation you see is worthless as a guide, not only worthless, wildly misleading. If you're talking about basic shared hosting, with a mix of small forums, picture galleries, some basic web sites with family pictures, etc then unless you're talking multi Xeons and multi gig ram and SCSI drives, you're gonna find things get tight after 2 or 300 accounts are put on that server. All together those sites will probably (in our experience) do about 100-200 gigs per month.

    Just one 30 gig a month forum can smack your server like a spoiled child. When you mix it in with a coupld hundred small web sites on your average P4 + IDE server.
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    What I'm asking is in relation to shared hosting accounts. If you have a powerful Dual 2.8Ghz Xeon with 4GB RAM, surely such a machine should be able to handle 600-800 shared hosting accounts with no major problems? (assuming the majority of the accounts would be small personal sites while a small minority would use 30-50GB)

    As for bandwidth, on average is it safe to oversell upto x5 times? Or in your experience, do you only recommend x3 to keep under the 1TB limit? And finally, is it safe at all to oversell storage allocation?

    Obviously, this depends on what amount of accounts will be small personal sites and what amount would be high usage. However in your experience, what on average is safe?

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    I would tend to agree with DixieSys. These days with everyone using some sort of PHP and MySQL site an average server really won't be able to push "that" much bandwidth.

    We pull the plug and get a new server online usually when a machine is pushing around 1MBit(average), and these are Dual CPU/SCSI systems.

    If your business model relies on overselling I would highly suggest you sit down and rethink exactly how you will be making money in this business.

    Hope this helps,

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    I also agree with Dixie

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    Hey guys, he's asking about _storage_!

    My projections for my upcoming hosting business places it at 25% with redline for 80% usage.

    Notice that this figure evens out in the end. Overselling starts only when the server is new but upon reaching the redline, new accounts will be stored in another server. By the time the existing accounts are at full usage, the drives are also at full usage.

    Of course I will move the non-busy sites to another server before the server is at capacity.

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    I think its somewhat of a moot point.

    For example:

    I pay for my bandwidth 95 percentile. Thus, what i use is what I pay. No limit to bandwidth "overselling", in fact that term really doesnt exist in this scenario.

    As for disk space -

    Lets assume you are doing well, and you have oversold by a ratio of 3:1. Your disk is getting full.

    Well, if you have sold THAT many hosting plans, I would damn surely expect you can pony up a few bucks for another big hard drive, or better yet another server to move clients onto.
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