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Thread: Ever Had.....

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    Ever Had.....

    Good Morning... (I think)

    Ever had one of those moments where smacking your head on your server racks seems appropriate...

    We run all of our inhouse servers as headless units, and being in the fog that I was, I walked up to the console, flipped the KVM switch to TWSFILE01 and entered the three fingered salute..


    The only problem with this is they are linux systems and not Windoze systems and down she went for a reboot after 118 days of uptime.

    Now I'm off to put in the command that will not accept a reboot with CTRL+ALT+DELETE

    Not a good start to a snowy day...


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    Usually it doesnt re-boot unless you hit CTRL-ALT-DEL 2 times!!!!!

    If i hit it 1 time i get the list of running app's,if i hit it ON THAT LIST,it re-boots.........

    The Dude

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    That is in a Windows system, and as he said, they are Linux systems.

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