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    Rackonline/nectartech Review

    I thought I should write up a review of Rackonline and their employees.

    First off, I am relatively new to the whole webhosting/game server hosting idea. I first began with realizing, that was not the best of intentions (lately however, has been preforming quite well). I did some research and found nectartech. Althought not really within my price rage at the time, I did whatever I could to try them out.

    Their presales support was amazing. Then I went ahead and sent off am email to their sales with my phone number so we could talk about my order. I spent about an hour on the phone with Nick, their sales support I believe, talking about what they would provide, what direct connections they had to the data center, and trying to work out a way to get a machine online asap (as they did not have any free servers at the time).
    I ordered a server on a friday (if I recall correctly) and after another call on monday, Jason, their tech, did what he could to get a new box online. Surprisingly, it was up that same night, even though they said it was projected to online on Wednesday the latest. That same night, I went ahead and installed my nessisary programs to get my customers online on the new box but started to find that there was some sort of instability of the server and loss. After a few days of trying to see what was wrong with the machine myself, I gave up and sent ticket to support. They responded in less than a half an hour and asked if I could call Jason. So I gave Jason a call. We must have spent a good 4-5 hours on the phone over a few days trying to figure out what was the problem. He offered to monitor my server overnight which was absolutly kind of him. After monitoring for some time, we both came to the conclusion that there was actually not enough RAM and Swap space to handle all the processes that I was running. I realized that all the problems was not nectartech at all, even though I was quite angered, but rather my ignorance in overloading the server.

    After load balancing and shutting off some of my processes, the server has been running extremely smooth, with no noticeable downtime, packetloss, or problems. I would give nectartech and their staff a thumbs up on customer support and sales.

    I would recommend nectartech to anyone looking for hosting services.
    Customer Support : A
    Pre-sales Support : A
    Uptime : 100% (so far, with connections to peer1 and optigate)
    -Eric Osborne

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    I would 2nd that.

    I have great experience with them. Nick in sales and Jason in Technical are both very helpful and resolve issues very quickly.

    I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great provider with 100% uptime to these guys. These guys are managed provider so you would be in good hands if you are not a very technical in server administration. They sure are one great provider in my opinion.


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    Jason's great to deal with - I definitely recommend them


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    Dealt with both of them before and they were great...

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