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    Skyscraper ad spot on

    120x600 skyscraper banner advertising spot is available on, a 6 year established webmaster resource site with high backlink and search engine traffic.

    Stats from webalizer (if you really need it, I can take a screenshot):

    Month Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits

    Feb 2004 96462 1498426 11125 15077 943070 980174
    Jan 2004 88237 1890945 15671 21253 1022638 1085156

    Pricing is either 30-day exclusive or CPM, your choice. $100 per month regardless of impressions or $5CPM minimum 5,000 impressions. The last 30-day advertiser (mid-January to mid-February) received 22599 impressions. I expect traffic this month to be higher than last month due to some new links.

    E-mail or PM to contact me; and if someone buys on a CPM basis the exclusive option will no longer be available. Live statistics will be provided.
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