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    My head is spinning from doing homework on web hosting. Thank goodness I found a forum with what appears to be savvy web vets.

    I'm a newbie who is just trying to get a web hosting package that will allow my humble part-time rock band to make our original material and short clips of live performances available for streaming. The songs are just under 2M in .rm format. We're just a medium fish in a medium pond and I'm not even sure how many hits we get a month because we currently use Netfirms freebie hosting and they yanked webstats for freebies (most of the hits on our counter are me verifying updates!). Our current transfer rates without the streaming content is about 400M per month. So assuming that each stream would count 2M against our transfer rate we should still be in good shape even with only 2G of transfer. I think it would take a significant number of streams to put us over 2G (~800 streams). I'm not exactly sure if this is an accurate way of projecting transfer data so I'd appreciate a sanity check by the experienced folks here. Does this sound right?

    Furthermore, I'm not necessarily dissatisfied with Netfirms so I'm considering the ol' If-It-Ain't-Broke-Don't-Fix-It factor. Yet it seems there are other hosts that offer more for the same or a little bit more money than the $5 Netfirms charges for their Plus package 50M/2G.

    That being said, has anyone had experience with any of the following:
    ehostone - $5/500M/40G
    made2own - $5.50/300M/30G
    hostonce - I've seen many conflicting responses re: Hostonce so I don't know what to think about them although they have what seems to be a solid offering for $7 and come recommended from a friend at work who has used them for a couple years now.

    Sorry for the long post and if you got this far thanks for your patience.

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    Well, remember that you get what you pay for.

    A good host I know (A bit out of your budget I think) is, there are also many other credible hosts like matt @ Use the search feature to looks for good reviews.

    - Azure

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    Yeah, like azurehost said, mediatemple, unitedhosting, you might want to check hostrocket too. or neutralweb
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    I heard good things about Lunarpages among others... One thing though is to not go for the cheapest host on the market.

    First decide what exactly is it that you need in terms of features. Then you might want to go to and do a search. See what you come up with, check hosts reputations there and then come here again and do a search for each of those hosts. you could also go to and check hosts' reputations.

    Good luck!

  5. #5 is all good...and you never know when media streaming ups the BW requirement. 2g/mo is really nothing....and for 5Gb-10Gb range, you have many many options in your price range.

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    A couple more questions:

    I noticed on that search (thanks for that link BTW ldcdc) they list Streaming Audio and Streaming Video as search criteria. Can't ANY provider host streaming Aud/Vid since the protocol that handles streaming is just HTTP?

    Also Azure, you mention that you get what you pay for. I guess part of my problem is I don't know WHAT I should be paying for decent web hosting. I don't THINK we're asking a lot of our potential host. Should $7-$8 get me reliability and decent customer service? $9-$10? Keep in mind, this is a guy who's pretty happy with Netfirms freebie acct with the exception of the streaming media limitation! LOL!

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    Many of my friends have used Netfirms and they recommend it as a good service.. so updating from a good service you must find a still better one..
    Google is a good place to start with.. then when you pick up few for consideration depending on their price, features, bandwidth etc., come to WHT and do a search for the companies Acid test.
    And it is always good to do a satisfactory research before you buy any webhosting.
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    I've never used LunarPages myself, but if you search WHT, you'll see that they have a very impressive server setup.

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    Thank goodness I found a forum with what appears to be savvy web vets.
    Appearances have a very nasty way of being deceiving.

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