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    web hosting service

    Hi, there. good morning. I am an newbie. i am running a small phpbb forum and intend to expand it to have about 10000 members. currently i am using a shared hosting plan with 300mb. I have no knowledge about the difference between shared and dedicated. to host a forum with 10,000 memebers or more, what kind of webhosting needed? what factors to look at when choose a hosting plan? thank you for your kind advice.

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    Look for a managed dedicated server, if you can afford it.
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    Thank you, Matt. my understanding is:
    managed = the server manages the website?
    dedicated server = I have their server computer running for me only?

    I know I should look at the knowledge base myself to learn these. but if you don't mind, i appreciate your further instruction. thank you.


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    No, managed dedicated servers is when you almost "rent" a server located in a datacenter, you do not have to buy your own, get a good connection ect.

    A managed dedicated server is when they do security updates, make sure your server is always up ect. If you get unmanaged you need to know Linux, know about securing a server ect.

    Hope that helped,

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    Azure, thank you very much!! I will get back to you with more questions. I am going to do a search and see what the budget can be.
    OK, one more question before you guys leave. what could be the lowest level of service that I can use to serve my purpose: running a non-commercial forum with about 10000 members, few occasional image posts and probably below average bandwich of this size. thank you again!

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    You could try getting a bigger plan, then deciding if you need a dedicated server.
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    The no. of passive members are not that material...they just sit idle in the database...what kills a server with forums is the no. of online members.

    Shared is fine, as long as your current host doesn't decide to kick you...after that there's always semi-dedicated inbetween and then dedicated after that. I'm not a big fan of the VPS perfomance lag so won't recommend it.

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    Does semi-dedicated servers allow you to install your own applications/daemons?
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