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    Move from reseller to co-lo

    Hi all,

    I am thinking about moving from reseller account to a co-lo server. Now, I can replicate and budget for installing a hosting ready server, but I am little confused on other things I will need to do. e.g. do I need to install my own firewall, IDS or anyother tools that arte currently provided by the hosting company or do I get these features as part of the co-lo itself.

    Any clarification is appreciated.

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    It depends on the provider, almost all provide firewalls at the base level, but they won't let you within 10ft of them, nor will they let you "configure" them.

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    Like others said above it really depends on your provider. Some provide a hardware firewall for a fee, and others won't even consider renting any equipment to you. It really depends on the facility.

    Depending on how many servers you are going to colocate determines what exactly you need in terms of switching/firewalls, etc. Usually most providers will provide you with a single ethernet drop, which is fine for one server, but if you have more than one you will need to get your own switch, etc.

    Who are you considering?

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    I know that in XO Datacenters (For XO Communications), Firewalls are customer responsibility, and XO does offer services for Managed Firewall, and so forth using Nokia and Cisco firewall solutions. However, in these cases it is all or nothing as far as managing the firewalls are concerned. Generally this is to keep idle hands from toying with configs and so forth, screwing up something that our technicians would have to spend hours cleaning up.

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    Colocating your server is a lot more work and risk. E.g. you need to find/provide hardware. Perhaps have to deal with supplying a switch. Firewalls. Backup hardware. Remotely troubleshooting hardware problems. Dealing hardware shipping delays when your hardware provider's brother gets held up at gunpoint. And the like.

    You might want to consider going to a dedicated server. You may find it cheaper, easier to get up and running and more feature rich. E.g. with the dedicated servers you'll probably find a deal where things like firewalls are provided as part of a managed services package. - VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting since 2003 - Peace of Mind Web Site Monitoring

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