I just thought that I would post some reviews on a few shell co's that i've used

Crazy shells
Account status:closed
Account type: BNC
Grade: C-
The setup process was fairly quick,the shell quality was nice to start with... however they seemed to reboot alot :/ Then one day the server just went down, after speaking with tech support it seemed that the server had been fried in a memory install, after a week of downtime I cancelled this account
The Host Busters
Account status:closed
Account type: IRCd
Grade: D+
My shell with the host busters was OK and no more, it would go down for hours at a time and it seemed that tech support would randomly dissapear :/
Account status:OPEN
Account type: bnc,eggdrop ircd(custom plan)
Grade: A+
I just cant say enough good things about this company! my shell with them has only been down once and that was only for about 30 mins due to a DDoS attack, tech support is just amazing too! and to top it all off they have amazing prices
Account Status:OPEN
Account type: IRCd
Grade: A+
Not a single outage since signup! I was able to download my ircd at 715k/s on this shell! tech support seems to be ok too
Account status:OPEN
Account type: BNC
Grade: C+
Shell appears to be run on covad dsl, WTF?

There ya have it a review on 5 shell co's

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