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    Has anyone ever used/heard of ServerPronto? There site is pretty vague for actual stats. They don't even list what city the server would be in or what carriers are used for bandwidth. The TOS says Miami residents must pay tax, so I assume the company is in Florida.

    Plus the TOS states "You are prohibited from excessive consumption of resources, including CPU time, memory, disk space and session time." If it's truley a dedicated server, why would they care about cpu, memory and disk space?

    Any input is appreciated.


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    Well, i haven't been with them, but from what i see on there website, i wouldn't go with them.

    Unless you will use this for some personal sites, or test server. But not for a hosting company. And you need to know how to mamaged a server yourself.

    2 tickets/mo. included
    each addtl. $15
    It also, looks they have something to do with
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    They've got slow customer support and slow reboots ... it's getting better now though. My machine has magically rebooted a few times but they had a problem with a surge protector dying and then with a power surge that caused everything in the DC to be without power for about 30 seconds but the machine came back up. They also don't charge for reboots that aren't your fault, I'm becoming happier with their service. Don't expect fast tech support or anything though for $30/mo

    EDIT: Forgot to add that my machine is on a 100Mb/s port.

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    boydjd ... do you remember when this 30 seconds happend...
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