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    Question How to setup my own nameservers


    I have purchased a windows dedicated server with ev1 servers. I want to setup my own NameServer, can anyone please help me or direct me to the right place?

    Thanx in advance.


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    This is how things work.

    You register your with a Registrar Co.
    You register with Registrar Co. to point to the IP address
    You register with Registrar Co. to point to the IP address
    You add and as hosts for at Registrar Co.

    When people resolve, the registry tells the resolver that the hosts are ( and ( Then the resolver asks those hosts for IP information and sends the reply.

    You will need to set up Bind or something alike on your server to run your own dns server.

    Search around on using keywords --> 'setting up a dns server' you can find tons of related mateials there.

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    does ns1 and ns2 have to point to 2 different IP's? i only have one IP on my server?

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    Hmmm, setting to is loop back, why would you put a loop back address for a name server, wouldn't it have to point to your IP address?


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    DislexiK: Uh, I assume that that was an example IP. :)

    kellyboyce: You can make ns1 and ns2 point to the same IP. (There's been plenty of discussion already on why this is bad or not so bad... Use the "Search" button for details.)

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