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    Geez they already have the second funeral themed template now but everytime i send them an email suggesting they make some general templates in either a retro (40's-70's) or comicbook (a la ) style all i get is the automated standard " can provide you with a custom retro template" reply.

    Very nice if like me you took the time to include loads of example links, added a description etc and all you get is an auto-reply.

    Anyway, i mean how big is the potential market for funeral templates and how big is it for some stylish retro templates ?!

    That said, if anyone has templates lying around that would be in that style i might be interested in buying one or all.

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    can you give an example link of what you mean? perhaps i can help make one

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    Sorry Tmonster - but that's not a retro style template.

    Also - where do you see any comic templates?

    And no excuse for replying with automated standard replies pitching when a customer takes his time to send you a detailed description/suggestion.

    Anyway, here are some examples of what i call retro:

    Comic examples:

    Don't tell me TM has *anything* like that , be it retro or cartoon.

    But yeah i guess there's a higher demand for funeral templates..

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    That's both great news !

    Good to see a representative not caught in defending themselves but listening, trying to understand and taking action - good !

    Btw while we're on the wishlist topic kind of - what about some templates specifically designed for (logo/webdesign) portfolio purposes?

    I know TM already has some but it would be nice to see some templates that for instance have a gallery script or something built in already - like popups for enlarging logo examples or stuff like that.

    Like these:

    etc etc.

    Doesn't have to be flash, just to show you some stuff that can be done - and as examples of more "artsy" style templates in general as well.I'm kinda missing stuff like thaton TM; i think your designers skills could produce some great artsy templates like that.

    You can also check out for examples of what i mean by "artsy".

    Anyway, thanks for listening and looking forward to some retro stuff on TM !



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    To be honest we are trying to stay away from any kind of scripts since it requires too many support efforts.

    We just want to do only things we can do the best - make creative designs.

    Also we don't want to compete with our affiliates and partners - lots of them are doing scripting, customisation, integration etc.

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