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    AITcom - i regret the day...

    Hi there,

    any of you guys have any experience with on these year (2004)?.

    I see a lot of post regarding 2002, but after that i see few, but the few i saw where kind of "good".

    I just want you to know my experience from since February 2004.

    I ordered a server on 19.02.2004.

    The only thing i get from them on that day was.... an invoice.

    They told me that they will take 7 to 14 days to setup the server. Well many companies say this kind of things but they get it much faster (ex: ServerMatrix, i order a server and after 4 hours i was logged in).

    After that day, i try to contact support and they told me always "we are working on it". Well, today is 02.03.2004, and i receive another email from know what? ANOTHER INVOICE!

    I have to pay the 19.02 to 29.02 (February) time they take to setup the server, and i never used the server. And now i have an invoice for March... will i get the server this month? Maybe.. maybe not...

    That's why i regret the day i clicked the "Submit" button on the order page.

    Sorry to all, but i think this post will be at least a message to all of you guys.

    Regards, and good business to all!

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    Why are you paying those invoices ?

    Companies cannot bill you for a service they're not providing, contact them for a refund for the dates until the server is supplied - if not it's a matter for the card companies who would be very upset to have a merchant charging you prior to providing services.
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    Like i said, i regret the day i start (?) doing business with this company. Any suggestion about windows2003 dedicated servers?

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    Thank you.

    btw- still no reply from aitcom... i emailed sales and support at several hours (again) and no reply.

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    Have you called their billing dept ?
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