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    someone backorder this nice domain ;)

    backorder it now! almost expired
    definatly worth over $100

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    I'm sure she's not going to let it expire, she's had it since 1995
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    well you never know! noone backordered it before i checked. lol i wanted to do it but i just backordered 6 domains! spend over $300.
    no more in my credit card.
    its well worth a try!

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    another domain for you is will expire tomorow.
    hehe have alot of spare time today will be searcing for nice domains all day.

    GET now will expire tomorow.

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    Another domain for you is
    expires in 8 days


    LOL i dont belive how many domains there are going to expire. ESPECIALLY

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    Yes, but even through some fluke you actually snagged, it would wipe you out. Much like hooking a whale from your row boat. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Originally posted by Aussie Bob
    Much like hooking a whale from your row boat.
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    so it's a commodity bet? you backorder and wait for how long afterwards for a payoff? it's still locked right? for 30-60 days or can you get it the second it expires? i remember trying this once and the initial registrar wouldn't renew a nice domain that had expired for quite some period of time.

    so what's the sequence?
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