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    Some scripts for sale.

    Hi, thanks for reading my post.

    I have 3 siimple scripts and 1 program for sale as a bundle. These scripts will help you market and run your website in various ways.

    There are NO licensing issues with any of these. I have made sure that this sale is legal.

    Here are the 4 scripts......

    1. An Online Ad Tracker.
    This is a simple little script that is used to track your
    advertisments online by appending a small "tag" to your URL.
    Any hit going thru the URL with the "tag' is tracked and you
    can setup as many of these "campaigns as you like.

    2. An autoresponder Script. This is a multi-follow up
    autoresponder script that that sends reply emails to senders
    of an address of your chosing. In short, think of "email fax on

    3. WYSIWYG Editor.
    Here's an WYSIWYG HTML editor. Create webpages or edit
    existing ones. This is HTML based and is supposed to be
    uploaded to a hosting account to edit the pages on the server
    though I HAVE NEVER TRIED IT THIS WAY. I do use it with
    success running localy though.

    4. Link Population generator.
    This is not a script but a program that you install on your PC
    (PC Only). You load all of your domains into it and it monitors
    their link popularity in AlTheWeb, AlteVista, AOL, MSN and
    Google. This is cool if you're tryinmg to monitor your LP for
    search engine placement or are checking a domain you're
    gonna register to see if it has LP and traffic. This one alone
    cost me $67.00 about a month and a half ago.

    EXTRAS (Not scripts but rather, programs) (But still good)

    1. Pop Up Generator.
    This little program generates the code you need to make
    popups on your site. it supports all kinds, popups, popunders,
    timed and so on. You just anter information into it's form via
    the GUI and it spits out the code to past into your pages. This
    cost me $29.99

    2. Instant Site Maker
    In this program you use a cool GUI to enter all aspects of a
    direct response web page and it generates the page for you.
    Enter in keywords, META tags, title, contant, background
    images and colors and it will gererate the page for you, ready
    to load to your server.

    I paid good money for all of these but only $50.00 takes 'em all. I do paypal and i have a bunch of other scripts and stuff I'll throw in. There are like 30 more I have (cleaning house) and I'll toss them in free because I've never used them.

    I just skimed through them and there are banner templates, web templates and more "odds and ends".

    If you want all this stull PM me and I'll give you my Paypal addy. Once I recieve payment, I'll email scripts to you or post them for your D/L.

    PM with offers or questions.

    Thank You.
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    do you have any demos?

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    No but I'll try to set some up later this afternoon. I'l keep you posted.

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