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    Advice on Selling Clients

    I am a bit ignorant about trading of clients; but I may be looking to do just that, so thought I should find out.

    Basically, the clients are transferred from one server to the other, right? What happens to the DNS of the domains transferred?

    How should the clients be informed? What if they object?

    Our clients currently pay by PayPal through the Subscriptions feature. How to transfer the payments?

    A few questions; I may have more.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have similar questions from the buying end:

    Maybe these threads should be merged?

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    Selling a hosting business is very different from "selling" customers.

    In Portugal, you can't sell your position in a contrat without the other party's consent. I could be wrong, but I don't believe that could be possible in the USA. You can however sell your participation in your company.

    The domains must point to the buyer's dns.

    A potencial buyer would be interested in number of clients, hosting plans of each individual client including price, resources used by each individual customer, contrat time period, subscription date of each individual customer. I guess he would also be curious about your motive for selling some customers, but not all.
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    The threads are similar, but thats from a different point of view.

    So you mean that the customers have to be told to change their DNS and all the hassles? In that case, whose job is it to contact them and make sure they change over? The buyers, I believe?

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