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    Question Business Courses

    I have been looking into dipping my toes into the web hosting market for some time now and have read several articles (excellent posts) by other members of the forum which have highlighted aspects of the business which I hadn't thought of.

    My question is, how many of you actually, as well as making a business plan, had prior experience of running any kind of business and did you take any courses in business management, before you set off on the road to web hosting nirvana ?

    Also, while I think of it, and this probably should be in a topic of it's own, how many of you who resell other's space actually have premises?

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    Business courses train you to be a manager, not an entrepreneur.

    What you are looking for is a mentor.

    Get one as soon as you can, even if he/she is not in the field you are interested in. You will find that it is mostly common information no matter what the business is.
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    Take some business courses in local college, learn more business related skills before you start.
    You will fail if you have no idea on how to run a business.

    Like innova said, getting a mentor will help. Talk to family/friends that run their own business.

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    Local college courses on business can be a nice help. If you are looking for a full degree program that is very extensive, I'd recommend University of Phoenix.

    They are a fully accredited institution where you can earn a Bachelor's or Master's degree via their distance learning program over the Net. Their site is:

    In terms of prior experience, yes... I started and managed another business prior to this one. And I learned quite a bit from it although there are also many examples of folks who have started in the Web hosting & other industries and who have been very successful without any prior experience. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    I guess it depends on how you want to run your business.

    I dont think you need any previous experience, but be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them as you go along, perhaps doing some business courses would help you make the right decision before you make the mistake.

    I think learning some basic business skills would be a catalyst to a successful business but I dont think they are a requirement for a business to be successful.

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