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    DNS Server Question

    What happens if you have a 4 DNS Servers listed with your domain.. but each DNS points to an account at a different server?

    Would some people see one server, others get the other server?



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    think you mean 4 nameservers. you can add 4 nameservers
    for at your registrar (check yahoo see how many
    they have).

    each would need to have an A record in the
    zone file. You could select 2 IPs from server1 to be used
    as ns1,ns2. You could then select 2 IPs from server2
    to be used as ns3,ns4.

    you could set up bind on server1 using ns1,2 as
    the nameservers/resolvers.

    you could set up bind on server2 using ns3,ns4 as
    the nameservers/resolvers.

    you can add a new account to server1, and this would
    use ns1,2 in the new zone file.

    ditto for server2, new domain added there would use

    This seems OK if you only ever wish to have 2 servers,
    but what if you have 11 ?

    You may wish to set up additional servers as slave dns
    servers. If you're using cpanel etc, you may have to
    edit zone files locally on same server as account is set
    up, hence this would need to be a slave dns server.
    (sometimes the terminology slave nameserver is
    used, much confusion can be caused at first).
    You could set up a script to transfer all new zone files
    etc to a master dns server, and rebuild a new
    named.conf, and a complete set of zone files there,
    so you wouldn't need tohave bind running on any
    additional new servers.

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