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    genealogy anyone?

    I have older cousins that are trying to keep track of it for all of us and I can't keep it straight. I'm 100% certain now that I'm of Irish and not Scottish descent (which was disappointing to me for some crazy reason because I have the westies I thought being part Scottish was a neat coincidence!) But who knows if we traced it back farther what we'd find out! It's fun to think about where we all came from.

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    Genealogy is great! I even created my own web site keep track of the 8 generations on one side and 4 on the other, but I know people who have of course gone back for centuries.... lucky people!

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    My very first web site, back in 1997 or so, was a site about our family history. We got about about 1 email a week from someone who thought they could be our relative; and a few we actually confirmed. My parents actually plan to meet a couple when they go to italy this summer.
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    Yeah, someone in my family has traced one side (father's mother's side) back to the 12th generation + still working on it. I'm of Irish, Scottish & English descent.

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    i've seen web sites about genealogy, but i cant remember now. one of them had a post about funny names maybe its yours?

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    Genealogy/ Family History

    I know of a few awsome websites for genealogy / family history. The best is Family Search www.familysearch.org Its free and very extensive. Another isnt free its called It has a fee but it is WELL worth it..

    Thanks for letting me share these with you,

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    I don't but my father does. I just maintain his website.

    Last I check the database is almost up to around 7000+ individual entries and 1500+ surnames (last names). I think the oldest date is someplace around 1560.

    It's just nuts. He should really start publishing books.

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