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    looking small reseller plan (about 500mb)

    Hi everyone,

    Just a little history: I was with addvalue hosting for about a year with a plan that was a good size and their uptime was deccent. Then the servers went down, they came back up but the owner disappeared, their forum was full of customers that were locked out of domain names and pretty much screwed.

    I was about to take on some new customers so I though i might as well get a bigger plan anyway, so I went to they are a good price, but they are really new and down alot for upgrades and small fixes. Due to the down time I lost my new customers. So i figured i would pay the extra money for a solid host. I read a lot of good things about on here so thought I would try them out. Turns out they dont answer most of their support tickets and if they do it is a on word answer.

    So now i need to go back to a smaller reseller account but everyone that I find is 1gb + or under a gb and asking crazy amount of money.

    To sum it all up im looking for about 500mb for 5-10 a month. Other requirements:

    >5 domains
    2-5 gb BW
    lots of mysql
    cpanel (or hsphere would be nice maybe im pushing it )
    reliable company with some uptime history would be nice too.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Ermmm, you are kidding, right?

    500 MB of space and your run of the resources for $5-10/month?

    No wonder you've run into so much trouble with host quality. Remember that adage, "you get what you pay for."

    The quality of service and support you mention are completely par for the price range specified.


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    its only 500mb

    500 mb for $10 a month. How is that underpriced?

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    Give the shared and reseller offers forum a try. Best place to go for a bargain

    Good Luck!

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    you could try going to

    basic reseller is <$14 a month
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    Equivity has 2GB/20GB for $10/month and tons of features. Support is quite good as I can most of the time catch them on ICQ.

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    3,911 try the host quote function

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    narrowed it down

    I have filled out the host quote form. Im not sure if they cant read or what but they keep quoting me on 5gb packages. Honestly if you dont read what some one is asking for why would they go with your services.

    Im am currently looking at: - fairly new but seems solid, not many complaints in the support forum - been around for over 2 years, decent price.

    Not going to bother with too cheap, no forum, no info on the website.

    And 4hosted you should read the announcements
    A few months ago, the request forums were removed from WHT due to abuse and other issues
    Thanks for the input though. Any more would be great

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    also looking at (part of the primehost)

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    Hamade if you re-read what i posted, i mentioned the OFFERS forum, which is very much existant and you can find it near the bottom.

    that should give you more hosts to have a look at

    good luck

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    Sorry about that 4 hosted you are right. I did look through it but there is a lot of cheap crap. I went with (spelled it right this time) they have been around for a while and seem pretty solid. Any comments are welcome

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    I want to share my very expensive experiment with you !
    never choose a host unless they have a good uptime history.
    Also ask them about they guarantee of uptime, and if they would pay you back if they can't provide you with that uptime.
    Many hosts say that they have 99.999% uptime, but they don't guarantee anything and they may go down for several days and weeks !!!

    Sorry but this is what I paid $3000 to learn !
    happy searching...

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    no need to apologize

    Thanks for the input servers24, I have not asked for downtime money back but I will make sure i do so in the future. Are there any hosts that you have used that were good?

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    I used e-z-hosting but they disappointed me.
    I'm searching for a better reseller hosting now...
    but I'm not going to decide soon, as it may cost me hundreds of Dolars again !
    I think seems to be good,they offer 99.99% server uptime and according to Alertra they've been up 100% !
    any idea ?

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    i used addvalue but i'm stuck with 3 sites now, worst of all one of the site i used to host pictures for ebay items and lost tons of bid because buyer couldn't see the pics

    now i moved to, their plan rate is about same as i used to pay

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