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    Exclamation Spammers using PayPal to send spam & virus'?

    I have three online communities, two of which I have paypal donate buttons located at the bottom of most pages. I have dedicated email accounts for each of these accounts and both of these get a huge amount of SPAM and virus' sent to them. I have never advertised them anyplace and the only way that I can think of that anyone could get the addresses would be by clicking on the donate buttons..
    Has anyone else had this happen to them? Someone using the paypal donate button to mine emails and then spam them? The more serious concern is that at least half of the spam emails I get are virus infected..


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    SPAM SPIDERS have crawled your sites, mining any [email protected] text out of the HTML. I believe the PayPal donate buttons include your PayPal address in the code.

    Sucks, huh?

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    We should start to fight back,if these mbots crawl sites and capture <[email protected]> then we should setup traps with fbi address's,secret service,then they will start spamming them and HOPEFULLY get what they deserve!!!

    The Dude

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    I do that on alot of my sites already. FBI, CIA, RIAA, Microsoft, etc... It's good to include companies like the RIAA and Microsoft, because they are quite Sue Happy..
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    Hahaha, what a fantastic idea. How come I never thought about that
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