This is a colocation offer from Rapid Grid (www.rapidgrid.com). We have a colo cage in San Diego (Cari.net datacenter).

I have the following specials available:

Space Pricing (for multiple servers):
Space Pricing
1/4 Rack $295/m, Free Setup
1/2 Rack $395/m, Free Setup
Full Rack (42 U) $595/m, Free Setup


Bulk Bandwidth Pricing (can be shared between your servers):
Bandwidth Pricing
1 Mbps $90/m ($90/Mbps)
5 Mbps $400/m ($80/Mbps)
10 Mbps $750/m ($75/Mbps)

for over 10 Mbps, please contact us with your bandwidth requirements.

Electricity and network ports for first 6 Machines is free. Afterwards, you can purchase extra power at rate of $15/m per machine.

IPs Pricing (Full Class C): $110/m


Pricing for colocating single machines:
Server Size Pricing
1 U $49/m, Free Setup
2 U $69/m, Free Setup
Tower Server
$69/m, Free Setup

Includes 1 Mbps bandwidth, 5 Free IPs, Free Reboots, Electricity, 99.9% uptime SLA.


Please contact me [email protected] if you are interested in Colocating with us in San Diego!