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    Hey everyone,

    Have a look at my site: www [dot] loadingreadyrun [dot] com. We've got a bunch of original content including comics and videos and we update with new stuff every Friday.

    In case you can't guess, the layout supposed to look like a Commodore 64. I'm using FusionNews for the blog on the main page and a heavily modified slide show script to display the comics.



    --I apologize to the moderators for posting this site earlier with a live link. I didn't realize the no-URLs-until-5-posts-policy. I hope this post conforms to all the rules. --

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    I wasn't a fan of the layout at first but then I read into your post and found out you were trying to make it look like the Commodore 64. Not too bad.

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    Pretty good copy. Looks like you spent some late hours.

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