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    apache keeping restart every time :(

    My server got a stranger problem , apache is keeping restart every minute , sometime is 2minute it restart , sometime 3 minute . and this is a log :
    [Tue Mar 2 09:01:06 2004] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down

    Anybody know why ? please help me

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    I suspect you have Linux Enterprise with CPanel?

    Cpanel is using up2date now for updates and it is trying to update httpd and ypbind. Add these to option 24 + 8 in up2date --configure and it fixes the problem. You also need to make sure you leave the two kernel options in the skip list.

    bash window logged as root

    #up2date --configure
    it will show list number, enter 8
    Enter number of item to edit <return to exit, q to quit without saving>: 8


    Again it will show list number, enter 24
    Enter number of item to edit <return to exit, q to quit without saving>: 24

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    I don't think the cPanel update "issue" is justbenice's problem in this case. If you notice in his post, it is happening every minute or so. Not every night which is the issue with cPanel up2date.

    We'll need more info to diagnose the true problem however.

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    Thank you , but i dont think this is a up2date problem . . May be that was a syn flood . Because i am being atack by some one, they have too many ip and those ip constanly connect to my server via port 80 .I'v install a few firewall to limit connection and packet , but i think may be it was this syn flood cause my apache die everytime .
    And i also remember last time i was install SIM from rfxnetwork , may be this cause me die apache .
    I'v check around those cron job but nothing there can cause me ..autorestart apache .

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