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    Apache Settings for Busy Dynamic Site

    Anyone has any reference to the Apache Settings that fit to my site?

    The site running vBulletin board concurrent online users around 800.

    The machine is P4 2.4 1GB RAM; runing RedHat Linux 9 apache 1.3.x

    Currently I have:

    KeepAlive Off
    MinSpareServers 200
    MaxSpareServers 400
    Start Servers 200
    MaxClients 700
    MaxRequestsPerChild 20000

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    Well, my server is the same spec - but Ensim. I run Invisionboard with average 100 online users and
    KeepAlive Off
    MinSpareServers 5
    MaxSpareServers 10
    Start Servers 10
    MaxClients 32
    MaxRequestsPerChild 300

    Works for me! Your board is busier but I would have thought that if you got within a mile of your max clients, you'd run out of memory.

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