Hey there,

My site, www.nixfx.net , is beginning to develop more and more. In order to keep up with the amount of bandwidth and space I'm using, I'd like to get a better host. So I've decided to offer some advertising space --

A 468x60 at the footer of every page: $15/month
An 88x31 banner at the left of every page: $10/month

If more than one person wants the footer space, they'll be put into rotation but I will only allow 4 banners the footer. This means if 4 people sign up for a footer banner, there's a 1/4 chance that your banner will appear on the page each time. Also, I will allow 4 88x31's -- not in rotation -- on the left of each page.

I average ~1800 uniques a month, 3300 total hits for January, and 5,600 total hits for february.

Unique stats screenshot: www.nixfx.net/other/stats.jpg

E-Mail: nick|at|nixfx.net
AIM: nixdeebo