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    Need simple script. Paying $100.

    Hi, I need a simple script written for $100 via PayPal.

    Here is what I would like it to do -

    It must be either one of these: vbs, python, perl or whatever that can be executed in Windows with Scheduler. So vbs or active python will work - not sure about others.

    I need that script to open password protected url.

    I have two files:


    The script needs to get urls from the urls.txt and accessed those urls, it then needs to get username/password from passwords.txt file and pass it to the url to get to the secure page.

    For example:

    the page will ask for username/password

    username/password is taken from passwords.txt and used to pass that info into the url to access members page.

    The simple solution would be to use:

    http://username:[email protected]/members/ but with recent IE patch it won't work. So IE can't be used...

    Questions? PM ONLY.

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    I can do it with PHP and you will still be able to run it from the Windows Scheduler.

    Contact me now and we can discuss the details about it.

    Hope to hear from you,
    I've been doing this kind of scripts/web-spiders for a looooong while.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    PS: don't use the PM please, use the Instant Messengers in my signature instead, or just the email. thanks.

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