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    Well, Frankly I've had it with this thing called the computer, because it causes more grief then good.

    I'd like to sell my site:

    You get every sing part of the site, the design, the custom signup and billing login for client exec, and a custom contact + game server orderform.

    You will receive full rights to this design, it includes all html, php and images + .PSD.

    I had started a google adwords campaign last thursday and recieved 64 hits already, and with over 64k impressions. (paid about 8 cents per click)

    The client exec license is a leased license so you would have to pay monthly/buy the license out right.

    This is basically a turnkey site with no current customers. (I have sold them already)

    If you are looking for a Gameserver Reseller, I'm Sure I can find one for you.


    Please email me with all Reasonable offers to [email protected]

    P.S. There will be many more sites coming up for sale as we go on, I'm just selling one by one.
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